All our re-upholstery is carried out in house by one of our team of highly skilled craftsmen.

Advantages of re-upholstery

  • Price wise a  re-upholstered sofa / lounge suite will be round half  the cost of buying a brand new quality sofa / suite.
  • Re-upholstery is a very good choice for the enviroment . By choosing to re-upholster rather than renew , you are keeping your furniture out of landfill.
  • Comfort andsentimental attachment are not affected. You are making the furniture you already have quite literally look new !
  • Attention to detail is better than loose covers . In particular with furniture which has shown wood or other features.
  • Vast choice of fabric options.
  • Re-upholstery is a traditional craft . By choosing re-upholstery you are supporting trational South African workmanship by local craftsmen and woman.

Soft Furnishing :

these include scatter cushions , curtains , blinds , bedspreads , and bed valances . All of which can be as palin or decorative as you desire.

Cushion inserts for sofas ansd chairs can also be renewed with premium foam and dakron.

We also custom make window and banqutte seat cushion inserts , cushion covers are also custom made


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