Slip Covers are a wonderful alternative to re-upholstering as they can be changed with your mood or season.

As the name clearly suggests , slip covers ( for sofas , chairs , ottomans , dining chairs etc ) are loose fitting fabrics for almost all upholstered furniture.

Our slip covers are custom made hence  ensuring a perfect fit. So no  need to buy a new sofa and it may not be as good quality as your original sofa , chair etc….

Advantages of Slip Covers :

  • Washable
  • Easy to remove
  • Good value…probably a quater of the cost of a new sofa / lounge suite.
  • From an enviromental point , slip covers are also a great choice as you are effectively recycling your sofa.
  • Producing slip covers is a traditional craft by genuine local craftsmen and women ( seamstress )
  • Proudly S A made
  • Protect your upholstered furniture ( love your pets next to you in winter ? )
  • Hide the damaged parts on your upholstered furniture.

Slip covers are washable and  also can be dry cleaned.Washable fabrics need to be 100% fabric if you want to use the washing machine and this is provided only by slip covers for upholstered furniture.

When you choose slip covers , you must keep in mind that excessive washing can fade their colour. Thus it is advisable to always wash them as a set and not seperately. This will make sure that there is consistency in colour loss.Eventually , though faded , the whole set will be of the same colour.

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    unfortunately i have to have the sofas at my workshop.


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    hi Vicky
    please email me a picture/photo of your lounge suite and i will reply with your ( email :
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