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Upholstery fabric usually refers to the decorative materials and fabrics that cover your chairs and sofas. Upholstery fabrics have also been used for wall coverings. The very nature of upholstery fabrics requires a sturdiness and an ability to withstand wear and tear. When looking at decorator and designer fabrics that are intended for upholstery it is imperative that you find some method of determining your fabric’s durability as well as it’s beauty. On many of our high quality decorator and designer fabrics you will find a value for a Double Rub test. The higher this number is the more durable these fabrics are. Not all of our fabrics have a double rub listed. Be sure to ask us if you see a fabric you would like to use for upholstery that does not have a double rub value listed. Remember this, if one of our decorator or designer fabrics has a double rub value listed for it, then it is definitely rated for use as upholstery. Otherwise, it may be drapery fabric suitable for curtains, pillows, table linens and more.

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